AEGIS is completed

Thanks all who participated in this group buy. The final packages are being delivered and that is a closed chapter in the AEboards story.

We’re already working on the next thing, so stay tuned for more information as we explore our ideas and find something that we want put into your hands.

Thanks for the support,


Eric Song
AEGIS Invoices

Hey all,

The invoiced for the group buy have been sent out. If you were interested in the colour popularity contest, here’s a nifty little pie chart

If you want to change colour, email me or hit me up on discord with the details in your invoice. Do this asap before I talk to the manufacturer to confirm the order.

Once again, a huge thanks to everyone involved - designers, collaborators, feedback/commenters and gb joiners. This is our first board and not our last.

Eric Song

Hello everyone!

Here’s a few handy links for prospective buyers.

aeboard’s instagram

aeryxz’s instagram

geekhack thead

typehype thread

aegis SA soundtest - courtesy of taekeyboards

aegis CHERRY soundtest - courtesy of taekeyboards

groupbuy form - Midnight 10/NOV/18 AEST

As the team wraps up and finalises the group buy, I’d like to thank everyone who has given us support, feedback and constructive criticisms. We’ve endeavoured to take on all this information and change the board to accomodate as many people as we can. If you have additional feedback, feel free to shoot me an email and we will try to address it in future boards.

Eric Song
Getting closer to the GB

We’re pretty excited that we are getting closer to the group buy. We are just finalising a bunch of stuff on the website and instagram, and start sharing more information about the timing of the buy.

The GB will be a google form. It will be FCFS style with approximately 50 slots for moq. I will most likely go ahead with the buy if we get near enough though, as it is a board that all of the aeboard members want themselves.

Looking forward to sharing more pictures and information soon about this board.

Eric Song
Prototype of AE1800

The AE1800 is finished and looking great from the pictures from the manufacturer. We are express shipping it to Sydney, where it will get inspected by Brandon, our CAD designer. Harrison will also test that the PCB fits and is working as intended. This is a big milestone for the team, as finally our many months long effort put into making the AE1800 is finally something tangible in front of us.

Hopefully the AE1800 will pass all the tests from the team and make it's way to the Melbourne Meet that is happening on the 15th of September.

There's still a lot of work to do from the aeboards side, but this is a step closer in making the group buy happen.

Eric Song

Welcome to aeboards!

We're a group of keyboard enthusiasts based in Australia, who have decided to design our own line of boards.

Our principles are functionality, elegance and ergonomics. Our flagship product, the AE1800, has been a 9 month journey from idea, layout design, multiple iterations of CAD design, prototypes to finally making the idea real.

We hope to continue with making great and desirable boards for the community, and hope that you will support us in the journey.

Please follow us on instagram and facebook. We are also available on discord, please visit the team page to find our details. If all else fails, you can email us at team (at) aeboards (dot) com


Eric Song